Sydney to Brisbane! (But mostly Byron…)

On the road once again, I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to blog. Which is ironic, as I have far more to blog about. But with an afternoon spare I couldn’t find an excuse as to why not get up to date!

Naomi, Nicole and I are now on our East Coast adventures and are taking 6 weeks to travel up from Sydney to Cairns. Naomi and I started our trip in Yamba, whilst Nicole did a surf camp in Spot X. Our travels got off to a slightly rocky start, which included us sleeping on a park bench in the middle of nowhere, with only cockroaches to keep us company, but once we finally got to Yamba we had a great time. Yamba is beautiful. It is a total hidden gem that is missed by most of the backpackers, following the generic East Coast route. Covered in gorgeous beaches and home to Billabong, it was any surfer’s paradise! Most of the people we met there were long timers, so it was nice to be a part of their little bubble for a few days. We ate local fish and chips and I got my first (but not last) spider bite! Anyone who is ever in Yamba needs to do Shane’s tour. I am not going to say anything else about it, and for anyone who has already done it; you know what I am talking about.


Our next stop was Byron Bay, which we were all especially excited about. We were reunited with Nicole after months apart, and had the most wonderful 5 days together. We spent everyday swimming in the sea or doing beautiful coastal walks, totally embracing the chilled out vibes the town radiates. Nicole and I fully embraced our inner ‘Byron’, getting braids and feathers in our hair, covering ourselves in temporary tattoos, and refusing to wear shoes. I got introduced to Passion Pop, spent a ridiculous amount of money on frozen yoghurt. I never thought I would say it, but I love Byron just as much as I love Melbourne. Just in a different way. I am learning that you don’t always need to have a favourite place. It feels far better to appreciate every new place for what it is, instead of constantly comparing it. Byron Bay music scene was fantastic, buskers on every corner, live music venues and cute pubs. I already knew that I was going to fall in love with Byron, but I had no idea how much. Every one that we got to meet has incredible souls, bursting with good energy. Byron, you’ve not seen the last of me, that is for sure!



A group of us took a day trip to Nimbin on our last day, which was an interesting experience to say the least. Nimbin is weird. I’m not sure how to put it in better terms, or if I even need to. The people are weird, the street is weird, and all of the conversations you have there are weird. You will get approached and offered to buy magic mushrooms, acid, weed, and every other drug under the sun. I think I am just going to leave it at that…


After a very emotional goodbye to Byron, our next stop was Surfer’s Paradise. For me, I felt that Surfer’s was its very own version of Zante or Malia, which is not the sort of place I would ideally like to be spending my time. We had an okay time, but we were all feeling a bit run down and tired, and the only thing everyone seemed to be doing was getting ridiculously drunk and going to very English clubs. Something none of us were particularly bothered about joining. Still, we had a nice time relaxing on the beach and reenergising.


And then onto Brisbane! Which is were I currently am. I had mixed expectations of Brisbane. I have heard great things from the long timers here, yet not so great things about the briefer visits. It’s not the most exciting place by any means, but I like it. Southbank is a really nice area, and the man made beach and pool are definitely good fun. I spent the morning walking around the beautiful Botanical Gardens and immersing myself in culture at the gallery. It is probably not a place I will come back to, and I cannot wait to escape the city air again tomorrow.


Anyway, despite not being able to handle the ever rising heat, and being bit by two spiders in one week!! (Yeah, like I said, it wasn’t the last time…) I am still having the time of my life and living this adventure day by day. I am doing what makes me happy and I never want it to end.




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