I am sorry for such a shouty beginning, but seriously, I’m not sure it is possible to understand the momentum of this achievement without a little yelling. After one hundred and twenty eight days of living, working and breathing farm life in Bundaberg I am finally a free woman. I thought this day would never come, really I did, but breathing in the non sweet potato scent of city air I feel rather bittersweet. Bundy was my home. I had a bedroom full of my things. A wall full of my pictures. A kitchen full of my food and a hostel full to the burst of my very best friends. I have made closer bonds with people than I even knew was possible and saying goodbye was beyond hard. We were are own little fucked up family, and completely supported each other when things got tough.


The first thing I realised when walking away from Dingo Blue’s was that either my bag got lighter, or I got stronger! Compared to the absolute crippled tortoise I used to resemble I’m now walking much more like a normal human being. I hope that I have become more patient having had to sit and pick bad macadamias off a slow moving conveyor belt, and I have definitely become more calm. I think the thing that has changed most is my confidence. Mainly my confidence in myself. I came to Bundaberg, a very vulnerable, scared looking girl who didn’t really know who she was and I have definitely left a lot more sure of who I am. And confident with who that person is. Like every other person I am still fighting my own battles and have a long way to go, but I am so much happier than I was six months ago. For the first time in a long time I think I am content.

Dingo Blues, you’ve basically given me endless happiness.

After working so closely with so many different fruits, vegetables and nuts, I can definitely say that I will never look at them in the same way. No longer will a tomato simply be a piece of fruit that I buy at the supermarket. Every time I put a pile of tomatoes into my shopping trolley I will remember kneeling in the mud, sweat running down my forehead, as I desperately try to pick enough to make $4.80 per hour… (£2.40) I will remember working twelve hour shifts packing them and waiting for hours and hours every time the machine broke. But most of all I will remember filling my rucksack full to the brim of them, and never having to spend a single penny on fresh food. I will miss walking into the kitchen to boxes of tomatoes, capsicums, zucchinis, avocados, sweet potatoes, custard apples, passion fruit and satsumas. (And I’m sure my bank card will agree!)

Bundy, you will be missed a lot. I’m going to miss seeing this every morning either on the way back from night shift, or on the way to morning shift…


Now, after spending the weekend in Byron Bay, I am ready to continue my Melbourne adventure. Byron was as wonderful as expected, filled with fantastic company and such beautiful souls. I am now waiting at Brisbane airport ready for this new chapter. In some of my darker days Melbourne has been the only thing pulling me through, and finally I am waiting to board my flight back to my home away from home. To everyone that I met at Dingo Blue’s, this is definitely not a goodbye and I can’t wait to see you in the real world. I still can’t believe I have actually made it, and I am so proud of everyone for coming this far. We have been on a crazy roller coaster and have experienced the most unbelievable highs and pretty shitty lows but I am now left with the most incredible, unique memory. (And a big thank you to Dingo Blue’s for giving me my best friend.)




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