Sorry, am I boring you? 

Hello! Due to my extreme laziness, (sorry) and the almost 5 month gap that awkwardly sits between us, I must prepare you for the probablyboringandnotatalllifechanging events that I am about to update you on…. I feel like in order to get up to speed with one another I must rattle off all the slightly note-worthy things that I have been up to. Since in just a few days I will be experiencing some VERY exciting new adventures that I can’t wait to share with you all!

The main thing that has been consuming my time is work. But I seriously don’t mind. I have continuously adored every second and have never felt so happy and comfortable in a working environment! I have made friends for life, and been given the opportunity to go on some pretty awesome trips! Peter Pans will always have a little piece of my heart!

I have been a wine connoisseur in the beautiful wine region; Mornington Peninsula and excessively tasted each cheese on offer. I have walked amongst penguins at Phillip Island and experienced some idyllic Aussie wildlife sanctuaries. But perhaps the  most exciting, I have jumped 14,000ft out of a plane.

Sky Diving really was indescribable, and the only word I can think of that comes close is MENTAL. Sitting in the tiny plane, watching the city vanishing beneath me, all I could think about was touching the ground again. Then once I was seeing it quickly approaching as the clouds whizzed past my cheeks, I counted the 45 seconds until the parachute would inflate. Thankfully it did inflate and all too quickly I was faced with the difficult task of landing… It was a once in a lifetime experience and to see the city I adore so much from an entirely fresh perspective was something I will never forget. Whilst I found myself momentarily quite the adrenaline junkie, it is not something I am likely to put myself through again! Definitely one to tick off the bucket list though.

Another bucket list moment lasted only a few fleeting seconds, when the soles of my feet found the surf board beneath me and I managed to stand tall for at least 0.01 seconds- Definitely a big triumph! The daydream surf tour was a pretty spectacular day, from ‘surfing some sick waves brah’, to sliding down natural water slides, I got to experience secret spots of the Great Ocean Road known only to the true locals. We watched the sunset, beer in hand, as hundreds of kangaroos hopped about around us!

And then to truly top off what an awesome company Peter Pans is, I got to party all night long at the much anticipated yearly event that is the Wildlife Tours Christmas Party! Kitted out in beachwear we surfed the waves on the bouncy castle, drank the suspiciously orange punch, and rode palm tree and flamingo inflatables until our feet were black and our heads were spinning! I’ve truly had the best six months ever, and I’m pretty devestated that it has to come to an end! (Silly Government working entitlements…)

As always, I have made endless time to see some truly incredible Melbourne artists and support as many local bands as possible! I’ve danced all day at Love Live Music at the MCG, sat amongst beautiful creative souls at Rowena Wise’s spectacular backyard gig, and released my inner 14 year old emo to Moose Blood. However something pretty incredible topped all of that when I finally saw The Pierce Brothers busking on Bourke St. You’ll know from previous posts how much Bourke St used to mean to me, and still does, and sitting watching buskers has given me some of the best memories that I have of Melbourne. The Pierce Brothers started all of that off, before I had even arrived here, so to see them do what they do best was pretty special. Music really means the world to me and nothing will ever come close to how the Melbourne music scene has touched my soul.

Finally, I’ve been pretty blessed to see some of my best friends from across the pond, and get tasty little slices of life back home. I got to spend some very needed quality time with a great pal from uni, and escaped the city for a few days. We drove down the Great Ocean Road and stayed in a picturesque lodge in the forest at the Grampians. We hiked, and drove and walked and talked and it was an absolutely perfect little getaway.

As well as that I got to see a fantastic school friend and pretend to be a part of her family in Byron Bay! Which made me extremely excited for the next adventure to come. *Spoiler alert.* We ate delicious acai bowls, tried on expensive clothes and drank cocktails by the beach! It was a strange feeling to be back in a hostel bed each night, surrounded by Backpackers but I guess it’s something I should start getting used to. *Another spoiler alert.* Byron Bay is still one of my favourite parts of Australia and it was a bittersweet feeling knowing this could be the last trip there!?

Life is swell as ever, and I’m really trying to enjoy what I have left of Australia. The next two months are going to be pretty big for me, as absolutely everything I know is going to change before my eyes, but I am optimistic that everything will be just as incredible as it is now. Change is good, and I’m ready for whatever next comes my way!



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